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Apogee: the highest point or culmination
Fab: short for fabrication
or fabulousyour call


Whether it's a mitered corner or a smooth brushed finish, Apogee Fab focuses on the details.  We put a lot of effort into fit and finish, comfort, lighting, and the parts of your van that you see and interact with every time you step inside.  Our high standards produce unique builds that are worth investing in.

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Sometimes you know exactly what you want, and other times you're waiting for that perfect idea to emerge.  That's why we're here.  We work with each client individually, collaborating to make your vision a reality. 


One-of-a-kind, and exactly how you want it.


A beautiful camper is only so good unless it also performs like a champ.  Every part of an Apogee Fab camper is solid, practical, and built to last.  We strive to integrate sustainabile, durable materials wherever possible, for maximum functionality and product life.



Built by hand, just for the beauty of it.  

The little refinements matter, and the way features interact is crucial.  We labor over the details.  Even the unseen parts of your build need to be right for your camper to function beautifully, and stand the test of time. 


I'm Derek Baylor, owner of Apogee Fab.


In a previous life, I spent decades working in the arts, as a scenic carpenter, welder, and theater Technical Director. I made a career out of applying available resources for maximum effect, and I carry this ethos into the building of custom camper vans. Now what was once my high-end fabrication side-hustle is the core of our business:  creating completely unique, beautiful, and practical camper vans. One at a time. Just for you. 

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Will W.

Will learned woodworking as a boy growing up amid the cornfields of Illinois, and honed his broad skill-set as a cabinet maker, finish carpenter, and custom furniture maker. He has designed, built, and installed cabinetry and furniture for high-end customers in Chicago, San Diego/La Jolla, and now in Seattle. He also spent three decades as a props designer and artisan specializing in custom furniture props, and many of his creations have been seen in productions on Broadway. Will brings all of these skills to bear in the creation of fabulous custom vans here at Apogee Fab.

Jeff S.

Tousled local artist and Northwest original, Jeff S. is the steady hand behind the fine finishes you'll find in every Apogee Fab van. In addition to his work in our shop, Jeff is a respected scenic artist, and an accomplished fine artist as well. Despite his many talents, he is often content to work for beer and french fries.

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Your Dream Build Awaits

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