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At Apogee Fab, our focus is on unique custom van builds.  We do full-scale van up-fits, and also smaller-scale mods and upgrades.  We can take your empty cargo van and turn it into a one-of-a-kind home-on-wheels, or perform targeted improvements to bring your existing camper van up to it’s full potential. We know how challenging it can be to make the various parts and pieces work together, so we specialize in engineering clever solutions. Every new build comes with its own unique set of decisions, and we work closely with our clients to intelligently hone a design to fit their parameters. Mostly, we're into building camper vans because it's fun, and we enjoy putting our skills and strengths to use supporting your next great adventure.


Apogee Fab does creative, custom van builds and mods. Our clients are outdoor-oriented / travel-oriented people who have the desire to create or modify their own custom camper van.


Do you have ideas that you'd like to implement but don't have the time or skills to build the van you envision? That's why we're here.

"Apogee Fab actively listens to your questions, concerns, and desires. They advise you based on extensive process knowledge and familiarity with quality componentry, carefully laying out the pros and cons of each decision. I highly recommend Apogee Fab for your custom van build or upgrade."

- M.F.    Spokane, WA
"When we bought our van we had no knowledge about van life, what we would need, or even what we would want in our build.  Apogee Fab was an absolute blessing for us!  They guided us through the entire process, and thought through everything in great detail.  Their team was attentive to our needs, impeccable in their craftsmanship, and completed the work on time.  Apogee Fab is the only place we will go for our future van needs!"

- J.D.    On the road, western hemisphere

Your Dream Build Awaits

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